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Clara Andrianaivo

Betsileo ethinic groupe

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Clara is one of the few women in Madagascar who plays the Kabosy and performs it publicly. Along with Sammy Andriamalalaharijaona and Bosco Rakoto, they formed Tarika Sammy trio, tour to Europe regularly with alba kultur (Germany) and Cyper production (Mauritius).

Back in May 2016 & Jan' 2017 in Madagascar...

Clara was introduced by Sammy as one of Tarika Sammy's band member. We had a session with Clara playing Kabosy and jamming on other artists' tracks back in May 2016. When we went back to Madagascar in the early 2017, we were excited to hear she's happy  give it a go contributing a vocal piece on Mele O Ke Kipuka sung in Hawai'an by Kuana Torres Kahele

It wasn't a easy try as that was her first time ever hearing the Hawaiian melody, but her (and Sammy's) amazing musical skills with her high range of tones with a taste of Malagasy wildness fit into the track perfectly. She turned this track from a classic Hawai'ian track to a duo singing across the two great oceans.

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