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Ankivio village band

Vezo People

Ankivio village, west coast of Madagascar

Ankivio Village Band is a wonderful local band we met at the Ankivio Village on the west coast of Madagascar. The village is formed by the Vezo people who are well known for their sea nomadic lifestyle. 

The band features a Malagasy traditional Kabosy player, a classic base player who made his base using drift wood, a singer singing in Vezo language and a drummer who beats plastic tab with wood stick and makes cymbals out of few pieces of mental from the canoe making's wastage.  

The band also has the whole village teenager to young kids as their dancers.

Back in Jan' 2017 at the Ankivio village....

The Vezo People (pronounced Vez) are the western most extreme of the Austronesian diaspora, with Rapa Nui being the Eastern extreme, and they still live a seafaring life, sailing their botsy’s along the Mozambique channel and living of the ocean, they are even said to get landsick they are at sea for so long. So we were keen to have their cultural voice included on the Oceanic Songline. And we had the chance when the Peace Boat dropped us off in Southern Madagascar, getting to Morondava we chartered a Botsy and sailed out into the channel in search of  Vezo music. We were on board the Nofy Be (Big Dream), with a Vezo crew who were also great musicians and a French filmmaker Fred --- who could help organise the sessions, he took us to a Village only accessible from the sea, Ankivio Village and organised a session for the following day with the Village Kabosy band, then onto the amazing port town Belo for the night.


The next day in Ankivio village the whole village turned up for the session, the band was made up of a Kabosy (Small four stringed guitar), a hand made bass (from driftwood) and a drum kit made from a plastic water container and hi-hats made by nailing tin onto a wooden post, have a look at the pictures. They play a style of music unique to the Vezo and the region called Tsapiky, up-tempo driving acoustic power pop,  you aint’ heard anything like this!

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