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Monja Manitsindava

Antandroy ethinic groupe

Tulear, Madagascar

Monja is a respected Antandroy singer song-writer and one of the greatest Madagascan Marovany (box zither) players.

He has released his album 'Marovany' under Label Bleu in France, and tours to Europe regularly.

Back in May 2016 in Madagascar...

After few right (and wrong) turns in the wild Antananarivo daytime market, followed by few roosters and goats, a tiny laneway lead us to this two story colonial mud house.

Monja was introduced by Sammy, and was  described as a 'do not miss!' Monja sat down on the grass mat, started to play, one after another, his warm voice accompanied by the beautiful tone of the Marovany sonically brought everyone to Tulear, his hometown down south of Madagascar. His great humour and dance steps were also a feature. 

Here is the original take of the song, we then took it to Torres Strait Australia and Papua New Guinea to added some layers.

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