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Bosco Ratoko

Sihanaka ethinic groupe

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Bosco is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and singer song-writer, singing in Sihanaka and Malagasy languages. He is the singer in many well known Madagascar traditional and contemporary bands, including Rajery and Tarika Sammy, tours to mainland Africa and Europe regularly. 

Back in May 2016 in Madagascar...

We hired a mini bus for a day trip with Tarika Sammy, that's Sammy, Clara and Bosco, to a small hilltop village in the out skirt of Antananarivo.

Bosco sat down at front of a grocery store and started to sing. His powerful voice quickly turned the whole village into a live house, you know but with roosters and kids kicking footballs. 

We recorded this original song of his, as well as jamming with shakers and marovany on few other songs we recorded with other Small Island Big Song artists.

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