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Vezo People

Morondava, Madagascar

Sandro is a young Vezo singer songwriter, musician and raper from Morondava, west coast of Madagascar. Although still studying at college, he has written songs about his environmental concerns in his Vezo language, and has shined in several song contexts in the area.

Back in Jan' 2017 in Morondava...

While we were in Morondava, on the west coast of Madagascar, 2 days 4WD drive from the capital Antananarivo, we stayed at an airbnb with pretty good location, only 1 minute walk to the beach and with a view of the mangroves.

During our one week stay, we invited few local musicians to come over and did some recordings. Alessandro, our airbnb host's son, was always there in the background playing his guitar. Until the second last day, while we were reviewing all the sessions, he came to us and said, 'I want to sing, too!'. We asked, 'what style do you sing?', 'Everything!'. We looked at this young boy with passion in his eyes, and decided to give him a hip-hop track written by Airileke  in Papua New Guinea.

The whole evening, Sandro tried out different feels and writing new lyrics. The result was to sing out Vezo people's strong relationship with the land and ocean, and the disappearing animal species. There is one sentence he kept repeating in the song, 'Animals are crying.'

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