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Will Kepa

Kulkalgal Nation

Zenadth Kes (Central Islands),

Torres Strait, Australia

Torres Strait Islander - Will Kepa is a Multi-instrumentalist, Audio Engineer and Music Producer based in Cairns, Far North Queensland. He is also the co-founder and co-director of the ‘Sounds of AustraNesia’. He has performed at major festivals in Australia as well as internationally to the South Pacific and Europe.

Will has a professional reputation as one of the most sought after musicians in the FNQ region, as well as throughout the country, and continues to collaborate with countless organisations and festivals.

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Also in Torres Strait Australia

Back in Sep' 2016 on Thursday Island...

From the Kulkalgal Nation of the central Island region of the Torres Strait, a group of islands between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea Will was a generous and wonderful guide into the culture and music of the Torres Strait. We spent a week on Thursday island, TI as the locals say, Will organised for us to stay at his Aunty Silen’s place, as well as being a great cook and host she is a respected songwomen and the first night we were there she invited us to a memorial celebration, which was a heartwarming introduction to TI culture, her singing and Warup led the songs, you can hear her Warup throughout the album as played by Will and Gabriel Bani.


Will had a weekly gig as the engineer/producer at the local radio station (community run), so we had access to the studio, along with Will’s limitless musical talents, Will added Torres Strait instruments to Monja’s song and he locked in the feel on Yoyo’s song with his Tharum groove.


Oh’ I almost forgot to mention Uncle Des’s deadly good chilli sauce and Rocky the dog, “where’s your football Rocky”?

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