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Gabriel Bani

Wagadagam people

Mabuyag Island, Torres Strait, Australia

Gabriel Bani is a direct descendent of Athe Bari, and the Kuyku garka (Head man) of the Major Tribe of Wagadagam, a sovereign nation of people of the Torres Strait Islands, as well as a cultural consultant, advisor and councillor of Torres Shire Council. He has appeared on several documentaries and TV program, including Our Stories on SBS Australia.

“My tribal totem is Koedal (crocodile), my tribal wind is the Kuki Guuba (Northwest Wind), and my tribal tongue is ‘Mabuyag’ which is a dialect of the Kala Lagaw Ya, the Western Island language. I speak my native tongue ‘Kala Lagaw Ya’ as my first language, Torres Strait Creole my second, and English is my third language.

“As a cultural mentor and advisor, my presentations at local Forums, national Conferences, and gatherings, focus on Cross Cultural Communication – identifying barriers, and working towards positive solutions.”

- Gabriel Bani

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