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Markham Galut

Wampar tribe

Sogeri, Papua New Guinea

" I believe Culture and Nature are connected, in Culture human being used nature to create Cultural activities, composing songs, stories, making musical Instruments, making costumes, using nature as herbs, making weapons, using land for food crops, for hunting and fishing, Nature provide for human being needs and wants, Nature assist Culture in many ways.

Culture is where human being life begins, Culture Educate developed human being to be better,creative, person , Every tribe have their own respective Cultural background. Culture developed every human being from childhood to manhood. Culture are natural learnt in the village or communities... Languages, gardening, hunting, fishing, building houses, making canoe, spears, musical instruments, composing songs, Dancing and singing, Culture developed every person to be a better person in the communities..."

- Markham Galut

Markham Galut, from the Morobe Province in PNG, is a skilled actor, dancer, choreographer, mime artist and musician, who shares humorous tales from the village to the big stage. 

He is active on PNG music scene

and regularly performs and

delivers varies workshops in


Back in Sep' 2016 in Sogeri...

After an hour sitting in the PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) driving through Port Moresby's beautiful rural mountains, a roadside grass roots betel nut store greets us, of course, and here we are arriving at uncle Markham's place, just few kilometres from the famous Kokoda Trail. 

Uncle and Tim have a long history, involved in few albums and shows together. There was a lot to catch up to do, but we didn't settle for long, uncle grabed a bamboo bucket and a knife, walking towards the backyard, saying he's going to harvest some veggies for dinner. 3 minutes later, he was walking in though a rushing river with his bucket and hands full of goodies! I love PNG's style of cooking, on the wood fire, with the simplest flavour, lots of veggies and hand-squeezed coconut milk. yum! Em KaiKai nambawan, as you say.

After a good night sleep, we woke up with bird calls and excitement of going on an adventure. We went through the local school, uncle found the back way (everyone loves the back way!) to another side of the mountain. After few slips and handmade bridges, uncle said this is an 'ideal' filming location, where I'll choose to call it a Paradise!

Uncle jammed on few tracks with Kundu drum, Susap/Jawharp and vocal pieces, as well as his magic Egret dance walking through the rocks right on the water. Every foot steps were thoughtful and beautiful.


This was our last call cut in Papua New Guinea, before heading to Torres Strait Australia, and it was a treat traveling to uncle's homeland and connecting with his  warm hearted character. Lookem U  behind = Goodbye

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