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Punaauia, Tahiti

Poemoana began dancing at a young age, and now dancing has a very important place in her life.


In 2001, she was a student at Moeata Laughlin dance school "Tamariki Poerava" and became co- choreographer of the group "O Tahiti E" in 2008. Voted best dancer of the group in 2009, she then went on to make the podium in the "Ori Tahiti Nui Solo" competition and came in vice-world champion of 'Ori Tahiti in the Aito Vahine section at the Ori Tahiti world Championshipnui in 2015.


Today, this 29 year old pre-school teacher delivers regular international workshops. POEMOANA TAHITIAN DANCE EXPERT was established in October 2016. It is an organization that aims to promote the traditional teachings of 'Ori Tahiti in Polynesia and throughout the world.

Back in Sep' 2017 in Taichung, Taiwan...

We crossed paths with this lovely couple Poe & Marei on their 'travel around the world' journey while in Taichung, Taiwan. We grabbed the only 15 minutes spare before her Tahitian dance workshop, found a piece of grass and off we went! 


Poe contributed (pretty much jammed after listening half of the song) a beautiful freestyle Tahitian dance with one of Small Island Big Song's tracks from Yoyo Tuki in Rapa Nui with drumming from O Tahiti E at the end. It was just so beautiful that everyone stopped by and couldn't move their eyes away from her. 


She really inspired us that music and dance are meant to be together. That the movement and the meaning behind the dance represents the culture as much as the music does. And not to mention how it brings people happiness and joy. Māuruuru!

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