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Gus Teja


Junjungan, Ubud Bali,


“Music is universal … therefore through music let’s bring peace and love to the world.”

- Gus Teja

Gus Teja is a flute (Suling) maestro from a small village near Ubud, Bali. Since childhood Gus is excited to be a flute player. Flute is an instrument with melodious voice that represents the voice of peace. He feels free when every time playing flute as well as a form of meditation in his devotion to God. Musical works that have been created not only represent an expression of his feeling from the deepest part of his heart, but also reflects peace, serenity, and a strong bond of brotherhood regardless of cultural background or a different race.

Every city has kind of a birth story. So does Ubud.

In the 8th century, a Javanese priest came across a mountain valley, where two branches of a river met. The whole valley was surrounded by plants with healing herbs. The priest used the herbs to make medicine. He was sure that this was a healing place and therefore named it “Ubad” which means medicine. He built a temple; Gunung Lebah in the mountain valley located in Campuhan and declared it a holy place. Until today pilgrims come to Ubud to seek for meditation and spirituality.


Take the stairs down from the bridge on the main road. Walk around the temple surroundings and enjoy the greenness of the river valley. We have been coming to Bali a lot and fell in love with Ubud, a town away from the hustle and bustle in the mountain site of Bali. It's a corner of the world which quickly becoming a gather point for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, vegans and Yogis from around the world! But the most magic thing about this small town is, whilst you see hundreds and thousands of people passing through, bringing new ideas and influences, the traditional Balinese culture and religion are still strong and tide, holding the community together. 


If you have ever came to Bali, I know you would have heard Gus's music at every second restaurant and cafe. It was a pleasure meeting Gus at his home studio, a semi-traditional Balinese family compound set in the outskirt of Ubud. The next morning at 5am, we followed his motorbike on the small tracks of the rice fields. It was actually one of Small Island Big Song's first sessions, with a bit of excitements and nerves, we quickly set up the cameras and microphones.

Back in Feb' 2016 & Mar' 2017 in Junjungan...

As soon as Gus blowed the suling bamboo, it suddenly brought us peace and calmed our minds. You hear respect, to the land, to people and goddess of Bali. It's absolutely a soundtrack connecting you with Bali and their timeless philosophies.

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