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USA tour - 36 concerts at 22 Performing Arts Centers & Univ's

It all started with a dream, countless zoom calls and the dedication of a team of inspired creatives, 3 years after the initial idea, we made it and loved it! It was definitely the biggest tour we've ever taken, spanning 22 cities and their prestigious performing arts centers, all between 700-2000 seaters (nervous!). For us, what was also special was curating and brainstorming with presenters & artists over the years to deliver not just the concerts, but panels that speak about climate, gender, indigenous cultures, entrepreneurship, as well as creative workshops like up-cycle instrument making & dance parties.
We also reached out beyond these arts centers & campus, performing with 5 Caribbean musicians at Miami-Dade; jamming with first nation musicians at Stanford, Lehigh, UConn, Warner Grand & Univ.IL; sharing the stage with indigenous activists at Mount Baker, UMass & Univ.AZ; as well as performing with youths and sign language group at Penn State. We treasure the new friendships we formed and a new touring model that enabled rich engagements with the youths and local environmental, artistic & indigenous communities.

"Honestly [Small Island Big Song] was one of the best, most wonderful projects I have worked on in a presenting career that is going on 30 years!"
Amy Vashaw - Center for the Performing Arts - Penn State University

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