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“Simply brilliant” ★★★★★

Seth Jordan, Songlines, UK


“For too long the term ‘world music’ has applied overwhelmingly to music from

Africa, the Indian subcontinent and South America.

Asia and the Pacific have been the Cinderellas at the party. Not anymore!” ★★★★★

Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald, AUSTRALIA


‘One of our favorite albums of the week, it’s not the usual thing’

Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6, UK 

“A playful and potent soundtrack. Utterly wonderful”

Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun, CANADA


“Beautiful cinematography and incredible music…

one coherent, jaw-dropping piece’’

Rob Schwartz, Billboard Asia, JAPAN


“Impassioned choruses are joined with polyrhythmic beats,

meditative passages cool the pace between songs tailor-made for dancing,

indigenous instruments support modern sensibilities and vice versa, and

all 74 minutes of the album sound like one very big, very happy family doing what they do best

while helping get the word out on a most serious issue."

Tom Orr, Roots World, USA


Songlines Magazine, UK

A 5-star review by Seth Jordan and a feature article by chief editor Simon Broughton. 

Issue 142 - Oct' 2018

Photo 28-9-18, 3 01 13 pm.jpg
Photo 28-9-18, 2 53 01 pm.png
Photo 28-9-18, 2 53 04 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.00.43 PM.png

PRI the world & NPR, USA

Small Island Big Song's interview on PRI the world which broadcasted on PRI and NPR. "Musicians from islands scattered throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans are heard on the new album, “Small Island Big Song.” These islands are under threat due to climate change."

NRK tv, Norway

Small Island Big Song performed at 2018 Førde festival's opening. Norway public broadcaster NRK live streamed the whole performance national wide.


BBC World on 3, UK

Small Island Big Song interview on BBC World on 3 with Lopa Kothari as part of the special episode from WOMEX '17, the annual gathering of the world music industry.


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