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2 years - 4 continents - 14 countries - 170K+ live audiences 

Framed in a theatrical narrative amongst panoramic visuals of the artist’s homelands, the audience experiences a musical journey across the breadth and into the soul of the islands of Pacific & Indian Oceans, meeting an ancient seafaring ancestry and confronting the impacts of climate change head on, as the performers and youth ambassadors share their island's voice supported through the cinematic sequences. Drawing on a roster of respected first nation artists, the concert features musicians performing irresistible oceanic grooves to soulful island ballads engaging audiences from huge festival stages to intimate theatres.

It has also become a feature of SIBS concerts for encore to spontaneously erupt into a shared celebration, with instruments, voices and dancing bodies rising from the seats. 

Moving beyond the concert experience, Small Island Big Song offers a variety of opportunities for audiences to investigate the environmental, political, social and cultural contexts on our oceans’ islands. Whether they take the form of lecture demonstrations, panels, film screenings, class visits or workshops, these outreach activities promise to provide unique intellectual experiences stimulating new ways of thinking and doing in grassroots communities.

Tours in planning

2021 SEP Australia / NOV Europe / DEC Asia

2022 FEB-MAY North America / JUL Europe / SEP-NOV AsiaPacific 

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