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That's a wrap for 2018! An annual recap of our world tour, album launch & more

That's a wrap for 2018!

It was exactly 4 years ago after the 4th IPCC report, we were motivated to do what we could, so as a music producer and a project producer, we began recording songs with indigenous musicians across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, those have lived on the islands for the longest, those who sing for the seas. Over thousands of years, songs have played an vital role of storytelling and passing down knowledge through generations. True sustaining change is culturally driven, as artists we can shift societies narrative, we have a duty to. With support, we recorded and filmed with 33 featured musicians/groups across 16 island nations of the Pacific & Indian Oceans, where 400 million people share a little known common seafaring ancestry.

We love one of the reviews we received recently, “ one very big, very happy family doing what they do best while helping get the word out on a most serious issue.” written by Tom Orr on RootsWorld USA.

On our trip we met an extraordinary group of real world superheroes who we are humbled to work with, we know we have a long and exciting journey ahead.


Our album was pre-released on the 3rd of July (our wedding day!) and then worldwide in Sep' 2018.

It's a Fair Trade Music Release with 50% of net profit going back to the artists & NGOs.

All physical albums are packaged in a specially designed hand made paper envelope made from Tapa bark and sugar cane fiber (No single use plastic) and come with a 56-page full color booklet, a CD of 18 interwoven songs and (wait for it there's more) a gift from the Pacific (for your oral hygiene).

10 "Best Albums 2018" by Songlines UK, the Rolling Stone for world music!

"Utterly Wonderful" by Stuart Derdeyn Vancouver Sun CANADA

"most heartfelt and evocative sounds imaginable.” by Tom Orr RootsWorld USA

"Simply brilliant!" 5-star by Seth Jordan Songlines UK


4 continents traveled!!

12 countries / 20 cities

14 musicians & 3 dancers from 8 island nations hit the road with us!

Ben Hakalitz - Haku /Papua New Guinea

Alena Murang - Kelabit /Borneo

Ado - Pangcah, SiaoChun Tai - Paiwan, Piteyo Ukah - Truku / Taiwan indigenous

Will Kepa, Mau Power - Torres Strait islander /Australia

Horomona Horo, Jerome Kavanagh - Maori /Aoteroa

Charles Maimarosia - Are'Are /Solomon Island

Yoyo Tuki - Rapa Nui /Easter Island

Sammy Samoela - Merina /Madagascar

39 concerts/talks

100,000+ audiences reached


6 island nations TOGETHER

for our first ever + full house show in Australia at the wonderful Kinema in Narooma, Australia.

North America

4 shows

Premiered at SXSW South by South West in Austin USA

21 media attended our show at International Day Stage & Sounds Australia's Aussie BBQ


5 weeks on the road

5 days on the Norwegian Sea

8 countries traveled - France, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain & UK

12 cities

15 concerts

9 talks/workshops

2,000+ smiley faces at the opening of the prestigious Førde Festival, NORWAY

15,000+ waiving hands at our headlining concert at EtnoSur festival, SPAIN

8 TV episodes to be released on TITV (Taiwan's NITV) who followed & filmed our tour. On big TV screen in Jan' 2019!


2 countries

6 cities

7 Pacific nations' ambassadors attended our final show at Legacy Taipei.

Indigenous Celebration, BALI, INDONESIA.

15,000+ audience plus TV live stream at Taoyuan international Music Festival, TAIWAN


15,000+ visits on our interactive online platform in 2018

from 6 continents / 83 countries

Top 5 visiting countries - Taiwan, Australia, USA, Spain & Netherlands

Launched full Mandarin 中文 website & Spanish landing page

Launched online Album Order "Market" page, "Philosophy" & "Blog"


Winner "Best International Project" at ASD Asian Side of the Doc, Bangkok, Thailand.

Presented at Sunny Side of the Doc 2018 in France.

3 coproduction companies in Australia & Germany

Feature film to be released in 2020


Had our first ever BOOTH at WOMEX World Music Expo 2018

Began production on solo albums for two of our collaborating artists. (Ado & Yoyo Tuki)

GOT MARRIED and had our honeymoon, both ticked ;)

Huge THANK YOU goes to

Australia Council for the Arts

Creative Victoria

Sounds Australia

Ministry of Culture Taiwan 文化部

National Arts and Culture Foundation Taiwan 國藝會

Taiwan Indigenous Cultural foundation 原文會

Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. Cultural Division 駐倫敦辦事處

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - AU

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust

and all the precious support from family & friends, festival directors, media, distributors, advisors, and of course our dear fans!

We're heading out for another world tour in 2019, so look out for us!

Stay turned for more exciting news coming up or order one of our physical CDs as your new year's gift.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all

- Small Island Big Song

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