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Remote Concert at 2021 World Village Festival in FINLAND

Emlyn at her backyard in Mauritius

Finland’s largest music festival - World Village Festival - usually takes place in Helsinki with more than 80,000 people participating each year - has changed the event to be held online for the first time, and invited us to create an exclusive remote concert, bringing the energies of the oceanic culture to the hearts and ears of the Nordic region and beyond.

In response to the annual theme "Future", we invited five of the artists we're thrilled to be working with for our second album to take part the remote concert. Putad of Outlet Drift and Sauljaljui from Taiwan, Vaiteani from Tahiti, Emlyn from Mauritius and our best friend Sammy from Madagascar sung about sustainability and their concerns for the environment.

Most of these performances were filmed during semi-lockdown across the 4 countries, it was challenging at times, but a very uniting process. They set themselves amongst the natural landscapes of their communities, including the river where Sauljaljui's mum grew up, a traditional Malagasy village where Sammy's grandma used to live, a regular hiking spot for Vaiteani and their new born son, a beach where Putad grew up learnt swim, and the black sandy beach of Mauritius which is acutally Emlyn's backyard. Stict till the end, the last song of the 60 mins performance will feature everyone playing together on one song. Specially for those who know the Small Island Big Song way :)

World Village Festival (FIN) feat. Small Island Big Song

Remote Concert:Sun' May 30 at 4:45pm FIN /9:45pm TWN /11:45pm AEST /9:45am NYC (available world-wide)

After premier: The concert will remain available to watch till June.4.

Documentary screening & talk: (Finland only, 500 views max.)

Watch on the festival's virtual stage:


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