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Online Screener: A behind-the-scene doco' of SIBS on Taiwan Public TV's arts program

線上觀看: 公視'藝術很有事'節目紀錄小島大歌

🌺 This half hour doco' by 'Inside the Arts' program on PTS tastefully weaves together the various aspects of SIBS, music production, cultural exchange & personal stories. Amazing work! 

🌺 謝謝團隊在過去從腳本、巡演拍攝到後製這一年多來在各個細節的細心,把小島大歌在音樂製作、音樂家個人故事、南島交流、現場演出的各個面向編織出那麼棒的內容,覺得鶴壽導演(加攝影和剪輯)非常的厲害,能夠把這麼多的素材整理到非常精彩又有條理,也謝謝Crystal這段時間的照顧 

It came to us that these so-called 'national borders' didn't exist back in time. These seafaring cultures can all be connected through the ocean."


We'd like to thank the extra-unordinary artists/characters in this doco' who traveled a long way with us. We value your guidance.


Sauljaljui 戴曉君, Alena Murang, Charles Maimarosia, Yoyo Tuki, Tarika Sammy, Paul Dominiko, Markham Galut, Piteyru Ukah, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Sandy Sur


An episode on 藝術很有事 'Inside the Arts' artist profile series Presented on PTS 公共電視

Executive Producer 於蓓華 Producer 徐蘊康 Director, Camera, Editor 李鶴壽 Camera 陳錦亮 Researcher, Scriptwriter 王玲晶 Crystal Wang Project Footage 小島大歌 Small Island Big Song European Concert Footage 吳柏泓

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