Film, talks & gatherings before X'mas

Lots coming up before we say goodbye to the one and only 2020 2020年結束之前讓我們再聚一次

9-13 Nov Network at CINARS, 加拿大 CA & the world

13 Nov 886 Party和大師林夕& 吳柏蒼 Pochang Wu 對談, 台北 TW

14 Nov SIBS Film watch party The Boite, 墨爾本 AU & the world

13-15 Nov SIBS Report at Le Guess Who?, 荷蘭 NL & the world

16 Nov SIBS Talk at NCU政治大學, 台北 TW

18-20 Nov Network at TCCF創意內容大會, 台北 TW & the world

27-29 Nov SIBS Film at LUCfest 貴人散步音樂節, 台南 TW

28 Nov SIBS Talk at Peace Boat 和平號, 日本 JP & the world

12 Dec SIBS Talk at Monospace 共同工作空間, 台中 TW

25-26 Dec X'mas & Boxing Day camp over

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