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WOMEX 19 Film selection & upcoming film festival screenings

It all started fours years ago when we received our first WOMEX invitation from Luca Jacob to screen ‘Vanuatu women’s water music’ as part of the official film program. It was at WOMEX we had our first sit down meeting with festival directors, first industry presentation, first booth to get creative with and it’s where we got enough yes’s to build up a world tour (but then the work began!) We see coming to WOMEX is a chance to review our year, who have we met and what potentials have been fulfilled. A BIG THANK YOU to the ones we met through WOMEX who have been following our journey from the ground up, and offered so much invaluable support along the way. We love the inspiration and family we find at WOMEX, have an enlightening and productive year everyone, see you all in Budapest.

Coming up next, we are heading to a remote island of Okinawa to attend Cinema at Sea - Ishigaki Island Film Festival. Our film will be the opening film and we are very excited to be traveling there with one of the musicians in the film - Sammy Samoela (all the way from Madagascar!)

Right after that, come see us closing the Jeju Island Film Festival 2019 in Korea before we set off on our 2nd concert tour of Taiwan! x

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