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Open Film of Bali Indigenous Film Festival 2019 & Sustainable Solution 2019

The Bali International Indigenous Film Festival aims to empower indigenous people through film - which is something we're proud to be a part of with Small Island Big Song. 🙏

2019 marks the 2nd annual festival based in beautiful Ubud, Bali. This year's festival brought together filmmakers from 14 different countries and celebrating over 30 films from May 10-12. 🌏

🎉Opening Night was launched by BIFF co-founders David Metcalf and Emmanuela Shinta at the Njana Tilem Museum, followed by 4 Indigenous artistic performances by Sape artist Uyau Moris, Aboriginal Australian's welcome to country by Miliwanga Wurrben and Taiwanese indigenous Pangcah chant by Ado Kaliting Pacidal.

Small Island Big Song was the Opening feature film, it was so special watching the audiences dancing at the end of the film and came up to us with tears.

We also enjoyed 4 short documentaries as part of the opening night. • 'The Secret Deal to Destroy Paradise' presented by Nanang Sujana (Indonesia) • 'Sapara Clothing: A Tradition in Danger' (Ecuador) presented by Hugo Metz (France) of If Not Us Then Who • 'Marie’s Dictionary' presented by Cleary Vaughan Lee (USA) of Global Oneness Project • 'A Meeting of Young Minds' presented by Natshishkatuat Auassat (Canada), Director: Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush

Thank you David, Steph and Shinta for making this incredible event happened.

Besides BIIFF, we also took part in Sustainable Solutions by Green School. We spent 3 days being immersed in inspirational, hopeful and uplifting ideas for a sustainable future — along with some heartbreaking and eye-opening stories of current environmental loss. It was so inspiring to see their work — knowing that we are ALL part of the sustainable solutions we need for a better planet.

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