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Our Booth at WOMEX WorldMusicExpo

It's our 3rd time coming to this global gathering of world music industry, and it's became our favourite trip of the year.

A huge GRASIAS to our WOMEXican friends we met at WOMEX18 the last few days in Gran Canaria off Africa coast! As well as all the media, festival directors, booth visitors, agents and silent disco lovers... 😎 It was absolutely a joy sharing the music and stories with you all.

We want to thank again to SXSW, Førde festival & EtnoSur festival who gave us a stage after meeting us at WOMEX17, and brought us amazing memories through out 2018.

Thank you also to Simon, Jo & Seth from Songlines magazine for believing us and gave us a feature article and a 5-star review on the issue in everyone’s WOMEX bag!

Thank you Jerome/EarthBeat for the incredible help and being so positive and sharing.

Thank you to all the beautiful souls we have had fortune to work together to make Small Island Big Song a reality and coming on this journey with us.

Finally thank you to Taiwan ministry of culture 文化部 for supporting us to afford the trip, and more excitingly the booths, at WOMEX. Looks like 2019 will be another huge step for all of us, we’re going forward with full gusto.

At WOMEX, we also organised a group photo for climate action, particularly in light of the recent IPCC report.

This is truly the single biggest issue touching us all, and as the creators of culture it is our chosen responsibility to produce work which guides and binds community. Particularly that world music sings of place with the instruments and voices of a cultures connected to their homelands their custodial lands.

We visited artists on their homelands, islands across the Indian and Pacific oceans, where we saw and heard first hand the effects of rising sea levels, drinking water corrupted by salt and Charles Maimarosia told us how the king tides now come up into their village in the Solomon Islands.

Thank you for our WOMEXican climate action flash mob and for the organisers of WOMEX for gathering us all together (each year). And together we are making a difference.

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