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Visual Album 2nd song release - Alie Sike (small island mix)

For our mangroves Mangroves are one of the Earth’s most precious but maligned environments. Koyawa sings and dances, celebrating his mangrove coastline. Mangroves capture twice to four times as much CO2 per sq. m than any other environment. 為我們的紅樹林 紅樹林是地球上最珍貴卻又被忽略的自然生態,看著Koyawa唱著跳著,忍不住想要大喊”我愛紅樹林!” 紅樹林吸收二氧化碳的量,比任何其他環境多兩倍以上。

I have been planning to do a collaboration with Koyawa,to help

create songs that will represent our culture and language group from

the Selau area.Koyawa is a reknown composer for our traditional music.We have stories that we want to uphold and preserve and the best way we can do that as traditional musicians is to create music to tell the stories.The outcome is the first collaboration of the song "Alie Sike"

The Story is about a young man looking for his Bride Price inside the TSUANA........Tsuana is the traditional Mans meeting house where the Chiefs meet.

In the old days they have pre arranged marriage where a girl is chosen for the boy.The family of the girl would wrap a traditional sarong around the girl,paint her face and then the entourage would start making their way to the boys village.The women normally leads the procession singing and dancing with joy as they lead the girl to the boys village and eventually to his fathers house.

- Ben Hakalitz

Credits Ben Hakalitz - Selau, PAPUA NEW GUINEA巴布亞新幾內亞 – Songwriting & Kundu Koyawa – Selau, PAPUA NEW GUINEA巴布亞新幾內亞 - vocals The Yumi Yet Bamboo Band Tulo Golu- Haku, PAPUA NEW GUINEA巴布亞新幾內亞 – Monoka Sammy Samoela – Merina, MADAGASCAR馬達加斯加 - Valiha & Jejy Arthur Borman – Bidayuh, BORNEO砂勞越 – Pratuokng Markham Galut – Wampar, PAPUA NEW GUINEA巴布亞新幾內亞- Kundu & Susap Richard Mogu – Motu, PAPUA NEW GUINEA巴布亞新幾內亞 - Kwakumba Morondava Veggie Hawker – Vezo, MADAGASCAR馬達加斯加 – calls Noels Prian – Vezo, MADAGASCAR馬達加斯加 - Kabosy Tommy Billy – Zenadth Kes澳洲Torres Strait群島 – vocals

Recorded and Produced in the field by Small Island Big Song.

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