Visual Album 1st song release - Naka wara wara to'o (small island mix)

Naka wara wara to'o (small island mix)

Dedicated to the gifts of our ancestors and the natural world. May we have the wisdom to treasure them and pass them on as they were gifted to us. 為我們祖先的智慧 我們生活、生存的一切,都是祖先給我們的禮物,願我們寶貝這些智慧,並傳承。

Ft. Charles Maimarosia, Solomon Islands 索羅門群島 w. Kuana Torres Kahele, Hawai'i 夏威夷 Rajery, Madagascar 馬達加斯加 Piteyo Ukah, Taiwan 台灣 Sammy Samoela, Madagasar 馬達加斯加 Airileke Ingram, Papua New Guinea 巴布亞新幾內亞 Yumi Yet Bamboo Band, Papua New Guinea 巴布亞新幾內亞 Leweton Water Music, Vanuatu 萬那杜

Small Island Big Song / Album Launch 3 July / Pre-Order 26 June

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