Rehearsal, recording & pre-show in Tilba, Australia

Rehearsal, Recording & Pre-show in Central Tilba, Australia

澳洲Central Tilba - 錄音 & 演唱會暖身場

Bringing together some of the best artists from Small Island Big Song project, we are very excited to be coming together again and, this time, with a mission of putting together a killer live show to stand on SXSW stage!


The rehearsal took place in a very special studio, Sanctuary Sound, in Tilba Tilba, NSW in Australia. It is situated near the majestic Gulaga (Mount Dromedary), a site of great spiritual significance to the local Aboriginal Yuin people.

我們精挑細選,選中了澳洲東南岸小鎮Central Tilba的一個樹林裡的工作室,靠近Gulaga山,是澳洲原住民Yuin人心中富含女性力量的聖地。

During this time, we also recorded a very special album for Ado Kaliting Pacidal of the Pangcah/Amis people of indigenous Taiwanese. with Horomona Horo (Aotearoa/New Zealand), Yoyo Tuki (Rapa Nui/Easter Island), Ben Hakalitz (Papua New Guinea), Charles Maimarosia (Solomon Islands) and Will Kepa (Zenadh Kes/Torres Strait, Australia).

除了小島大歌的彩排,我們和小島大歌音樂家之一 - 台灣阿美族音樂家阿洛.卡力亭.巴奇辣合作,聚集了復活節島的Yoyo Tuki、巴布亞新幾內亞的Ben Hakalitz、索羅門群島的Charles Maimarosia、澳洲Torres Strai群島的Will Kepa、紐西蘭的Horomona Horo一起,由Tim擔任音樂製作人,錄製一張阿洛創作的全新南島專輯!

The week we spent at the studio was full of laughters and happy tears. When we were not recording, we were jamming and sharing stories with each other. I still remember the night we were in rush to finish a song with everyone jamming before Horomona left. We suddenly had a idea of finding some common words, and found the word eyes, here, there, ears and cry were still the same in these 6 islands. FAMILY! Yoyo grabbed his Ukulele, Ado began a welcome chat, we jammed together a song with these common words across the Austronesian islands. We ran into the studio while we were still singing, Tim pressed 'record', we were in tears watching this moment of them connecting with each other, someone share the same ancestry but divided by borders and distance for thousand years. We felt humble and stremly honoured to gather each of them together, it's way more powerful than we thought when we started the Small Island Big Song project.

錄音的這個星期,我們幾乎是在大笑、淚水中度過,不是在錄音就是在即興的Jam,又或是互相分享音樂和初衷。我還記得有天晚上,我們急著要在Horomona離開前錄完大家一起即興創作的歌,那時什麼頭緒都還沒有,情急之下,我們突然想起南島的共同字詞mata眼睛,又再丟出幾個字,發現大家的這裡、那裡、哭、耳朵都有一樣的發音,真的是南島family! 大家靈感一來,Yoyo一手拿起烏克麗麗,阿洛起頭吟唱,即興唱了一輪之後,大家馬上起身邊跑邊唱到錄音室,一刻也不想要浪費,就這樣在錄音室裡頭大家一輪接著一輪的又唱又跳,我們隔著玻璃在主控室裡止不住笑容和淚水,像是看見了當初想要做小島大歌的熱情,又比想像中的更有力量。

Tilba 51

The night before our flight to the US, we had a pre-show at the local cinema - Narooma Kinema. They opened the door of this almost a hundred year old cinema and welcomed two hundred local kindred spirits to this sneak preview of our live show.

Five artists represented not just themselves, but as one Austronesian Diaspora, still share common words, cultures and stories, crossing the national borders, distance and imposed languages.




Small Island Big Song Up and Coming 小島大歌近期活動

Pre-Show - Narooma Kinema 澳洲Central Tilba - 演唱會暖身場

10 Mar' at Narooma Kinema, Narooma Australia

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14 Mar' at Insternational Day Stage - Austin Convention Center, Austin USA

15 Mar' at Aussie BBQ, Austin USA

16 Mar' at Russian House, Austin USA

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11-13 May at ARMA - Indigenous celebration, Ubud Bali Indonesia

23 Jun'Album Launch 音樂專輯發行

Europe tour 歐洲巡迴演唱會

25 Jun' - 26 Jul' - Dates announcing soon!

Taiwan tour 台灣巡迴演唱會

27 Jul' - 6 Aug' - Dates announcing soon!

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