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2018 Concert Tour: Spring at SXSW in US & Summer in Europe

Small Island Big Song will bring together 6 headlining artists from across the Indian and Pacific oceans and go on the road in 2018. Performing in front of a panoramic cinema screen interacting with their cinematic band members, with playback cues following either the live or cinematic artist, a true live show. This powerful unique approach enables over 100 artists, who have played on each other's songs, to be represented at each concert. Taking both the artists and audience beyond the bounds of the live show. A powerful, organic, authentic experience with a contemporary message. An Island too precious to lose.

Along with the feature concert, we also offer side-shows, storytelling sessions, workshops, panel discussions, intimate acoustic sharing and pop up projections of grassroots lifestyles, why not call it

A Touring Village!

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