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Small Island Big Song on BBC World on 3 中英版

While we were at WOMEX 17 last year, we were privileged and extremely excited to be on 'World on 3' with Lopa on BBC Radio 3 sharing the project and a sneak preview of a few tracks.

Yay, it was so cool, we have been streaming Lopa's show as we were travelling around recording the music and then meet her and be on the show, was really special for us. Fingers crossed next we can be on the show live in session when we're touring Europe this summer.

It was BaoBao's brilliant idea to carry the globe with us, we said to Juan "You can't miss us we have the whole world in our hands".

The interview was on air on 5th of Jan', and will be available till 4th of Feb'. Do not miss!

Thank you Lopa, Juan, JunLin for making this possible.

Listen online (we're the second!)

我們去年十月參與WOMEX世界音樂博覽會時,非常幸運又興奮地上了英國廣播電台BBC由Lopa Kothari主持的World on 3節目,分享小島大歌計劃及兩首歌曲。實在太興奮了(轉圈圈~),我們過去就一直有收聽Lopa的節目,沒有想到這次能夠在三千多人的WOMEX博覽會上被介紹到在WOMEX特輯的專訪,對我們來說真的很特別,也期待今年夏天和音樂家們一起到歐洲巡演的時候,可以進棚演唱!


謝謝主持人Lopa、製作人Juan,以及JunLin & WOMEX。

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