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Film tour continues: Melb' Doc Fest, New Caledonia TV and...wait for it...Japanese Cinemas!

Cinemas in Japan are starting to open up, and after a few false starts, thanks to an unnamed virus, the Small Island Big Song film will be on the big screens in Tokyo (for one month!) and then across Japan for 3 months screening starting from 1st of AUG ✨ 

Arigatōgozaimas to our distributor and cinema teams for working so hard to support the film in this uncertain times.

Small Island Big Song film is part of the official selection of Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2020. We're thrilled to bring the film back to Melbourne virtually after packing our lives away in boxes four years ago (All in Val's garage, Thanks Mum! L Tim) The film will be available to stream via the link below during 30/6 to 15/7 for limited 300 'seats' only. 

Tim, as the director of the film, was on his favourite program RN The Music Show talking to Andrew Ford about the film. 

" There's a strong sense of story in the film, it's odd, because really what we're watching and listening to is a sequence of music videos. The structure of your film is not unlike watching an ho ur and half of Rage, and yet, one thing seems to lead to another, there is an accumulative power in the film and it's extraordinarily moving in the end. " - Andrew Ford, RN The Music Show

After the grass roots response for our screening in New Caledonia  at Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples, the TV station wanted to broadcast the film three times throughout the year, not exactly sure when but there's another screening in July. It's a huge joy for us to see the film so well received in the communities which inspired it. 

Also excited to be connecting with our WOMEX family, yes we're WOMEXicans, along with our article in 'Tales From the Quarantine"  on the VirtualWOMEX site, members can watch both of Tim's films for ten days online. That's Small Island Big Song & Vanuatu Women's Water Music on one bill along with 'Voice over the Bridge', produced by Sonya Mazumdar from EathSync and directed by our mentor and friend Ernest Hariyanto.


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