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Arthur Borman

Bidayuh People

Anaah Rais/Annah Ra’ih,

Sarawak, Malaysia

"Living the spirit of healthy environment through intangible culture, tradition and pratuokng music"

- Arthur Borman

A decade ago, Arthur decided to dedicate his life to Pratuokng (pra-tua-k-ng), a type of bamboo zither which have been played for hundreds of years. The instrument  has been passed down through the generations and played by striking, plucking and drumming. Arthur started to research the making process, and began teaching students to play. He tells stories and performs all around the world. He’s a humble and honest human being with experiences of performing at some of the greatest world stages, incl. WOMEX, the world music expo.

Back in Feb' 2017 in Annah Ra'ih...

Just two hours from Kuching, there are groups of Bidayuh people still living in longhouses. Anaah Rais (Annah Ra’ih) is one of them. Our trip to Kuching was actually to meet a very special person, Arthur Borman, a storyteller, musician, teacher, and a master of the Bidayuh instrument Pratuokng.  We were fortunate to be welcomed by Arthur to the Annah Ra’ih longhouse. Arthur contributed three pieces of Protuokng rhythm, combined with hitting, knocking, and plucking. Wow, I have never seen such an instrument with so many different sounds. Tim is now adding these rhythms into a hip-hop track of Small Island Big Song. 

A song started with percussions by Airileke Ingram in Gabagaba, Papua New Guinea. Then to the west coast of Madagascar adding a rap in Vezo langauge. Now with Pratuokng… amazingly, it works!

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