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Pahin Lusang

Penan People

Long Beruang, Sarawak Malaysia

"The forest doesn't belong to anyone."

- Lakei' Tawan

Pahin is an elder from the Penan tribe, which is well known for their nomadic lifestyle in the rainforest. She is one of the few people in the community who still plays and makes Penan traditional instruments, including Oreng (Penan Jaw harp) and Pagang (bamboo zither). 

Back in Feb' 2017 in Bario...

After reading articles of the Penan people online, we asked Alena if she could organize a session with a Penan musician. Of course she agreed and introduced us to this wonderful lady, Pahin, who plays self-made Penan Pagang and Oreng (Penan Jaw-harp).

Alena’s mum has been visiting this family for long time, trying to explore more about the Penan philosophy, nomadic lifestyle, and language. Pahin and her husband used to live in the forest, living a nomadic life.

Pahin's husband, Lakei' Tawan, mentioned that he remembers that they were hungry, cold, and fearful. He acknowledged that settling down in the village decreased those discomforts, but there are still great issues they need to face, including education, food, finance, and even self-identity challenges. There are certain barriers between them and the mainstream culture.


As he said "The forest doesn't belong to anyone." A concept at odds with capitalism.

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