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2018 Taiwan album launch & festival tour 台灣巡迴

After an extensive world tour, covering 4 continents - North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia, we landed in Taiwan, where our story began.

Small Island Big Song album launch at Taiwan's premiere music live house "Legacy" (full house!)

(Left to Right) YuHao Chen, Taiwan | Mau Power, Torres Strait Australia | Yoyo Tuki, Rapa Nui/Easter Island | Tumun Piteyo, Taiwan | Jerome Kavanagh, Aotearoa/New Zealand | Charles Maimarosia, Solomon Islands | Piteyo Ukah, Taiwan | Ado Kaliting Pacidal, Taiwan | Sammy Samoela, Madagascar | Tim Cole, Australia (artistic director) | BaoBao Chen, Taiwan (project producer) | Alena Murang, Borneo | SiaoChun Tai, Taiwan

Small Island Big Song headlining 2018 Taoyuan international music festival

Small Island Big Song featured on TITV news

Small Island Big Song featured on CTS tv news

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