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How to Sync iPhone with Outlook Step by Step Guide

As an owner of an iPhone, you can often meet with many functions that we do not guess about and with applications that bring many benefits, such as You may find the need to synchronize your iPhone contacts with Microsoft Outlook on your computer or through iTunes installed on your PC. You can import from or export to Outlook your contacts, calendars, and mail. To synchronize, follow the below steps:

  • Download the latest version of Apple iTunes and install it. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB cable and launch iTunes.

  • Un-select the auto-sync option in iTunes to avoid auto-syncing of data on connecting iPhone to PC.

  • Your device will be listed on the left panel of iTunes under Devices. Click on your device.

  • Go to Info tab.

  • Under ‘Contacts’ option, click on ‘Sync Contacts from’ and you will see the list of sources where you can sync your contacts. Choose Outlook from that list.

  • You can either sync all of your contacts or some selected ones from the groups created.

  • After making selection, click on Apply button. Your iPhone contacts will be synced with Outlook.

You can also sync with Microsoft Outlook without establishing a connection with PC. You can sync your contacts, mail and calendars with Outlook directly on your iPhone by adding an Outlook account on your device. Follow the below steps for syncing your iPhone with Outlook account:

Tap on the Menu button on your iPhone.

Go to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars Add Account

Tap on Microsoft Exchange

Enter your outlook email and password and tap on ‘Next.’

A connection to Microsoft Exchange server will be established and you may also be asked to enter the address of the server in the server field.

You will be logged into your account once you have entered correct email username and password. You will be asked what kind of information (like mails, calendars or contacts), you would want to sync with your iPhone.

Select the desired option and tap on Sync. In a matter of a minute or two (depending on speed of your internet connection), your device will be synced with Outlook.

About Outlook: Microsoft Outlook is mostly used as a web-email application. But in real, it is personal information manager and comes along with the Microsoft Office package. Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 is the latest version of Outlook released on October 24 this year.

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