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How to save strength for a good ending to a novel

Variants of novel endings

1. open ending: the mysteries are solved, everything becomes clear and understandable, except one thing - what exactly will happen to the hero after he has achieved what he wants, figured out the surrounding mysteries and made his choice (or almost made it). An open ending implies uncertainty in the future, a cutting off of the action at an important event that remains unfinished (Gone with the Wind by M. Mitchell), but PayForEssay an explicit indication of the most likely development of events. For example, a clear indication of the repetition of the story, of its similar continuation (J. Fowles "The Collector").

2. 2. "Closed" end: everything is set in its place, there is no space for imagination. They have achieved what they wanted, they have understood everything for themselves, they have made their choice, and the results of their choice are shown. And they live happily ever after.

3. "Shape-shifter": everything is not what it seems. This is, for example, the films "Mind Games" or "Isle of Damned". And the investigations turn out to be a global experiment, and the protagonist is not the lead in the plot game, but a guinea pig.

"Shifter" suggests two or three plot layers - the visible and the invisible, shown by avar hints and clues, by occasional inconsistencies. Shape-shifters also include dream-stories, when at the end the hero wakes up and realizes that... A classic example is "Ivan Vasilievich Changes his profession".

4. tragedy: the truth is not one, there are several of them, and all the opposing sides are right in their own way. For example, the villain became one because the hero's parents (grandparents) deprived him of his family, and he takes revenge on the hero by killing his family, and the hero, without understanding, goes to kill the villain. And where is the truth? Whose side is "on the right"? The finale will tell.

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