Charles Maimarosia

A're A're

Pipisu Village, Malaita,

The Solomon Islands

Charles Maimarosia is a contemporary artist born in A're'A're, Solomon Islands. He is the former lead singer, choreographer and songwriter of the globally successes band, Narasirato, who have brought the traditional bamboo band onto the world stage, toured to Glastonbury UK, Fuji Rock Japan, Austronesian Music Festival Taiwan, BluesFest Australia and countless more. 

“My culture- A’re' A’re- is a gift. It is ones decision to share that gift with people of other cultures through music. We do not know where this sharing and connection will lead. It may help archeologists and anthropologists to understand where we have all come from. It may help us understand human migration and our deep connections. It is the gift from our ancestors. It is good for future generations to know who they are. Culture is a gift. All cultures are a gift. Our cultural traditions consist of arts, poems, music, food, shell money "houra" (feasting) and costumes which have survived until the 20th Century.” 


“The long story of the A’re' A’re is represented in our most important symbol - the canoe. This symbol represents the arrival of our ancestors in the A’re' A’re land because it was in these boats that they came. It also represents the three clans of the A’re' A’re.” 

“Kindness and sharing in our culture, its traditions, to our land, nature and to each other makes our life sustainable. If everyone is kind, everyone is rich."   


- Charles Maimarosia

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