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Kompang Hut



"Seni Di Sanjung, Budaya Ku Junjung".

(Appreciating the Arts, Upholding Our Culture)

These are the words of wisdom from our forefathers which holds true till today. 

- Hazre Salim

Despite a Consistent Rising Market Trend for traditional Malay weddings in Singapore, Kompang Groups are in decline these recent years. Many Customers have difficulty locating a good quality Kompang service, and are normally dependent on recommendations from relatives & friends. Kompang Hut serves as a platform whereby customers can source for local kompang groups with proven track records.

They also run Malay arts workshops & modular programs and selling Malay musical instruments such as Angklung / Kompang / Dikirbarat Percussion.

Back in Mar' 2017 in Singapore...

Multi-culture environment is one of the most fascinating things in Singapore. You get so used to different languages, dialogues, accents, and surrounded by different religious practices. It feels to me like English is the most commonly used language, but the local dialogues are the ones bring people closer easily.

Besides the majority 70% of the Chinese population, there’re around 15% of the Malay and 10% of the Indian populations. Small Island Big Song came for exploring the Malay music in Singapore as they are part of this Austronesian seafaring heritage. 

“If we are getting married, everyone around the world needs to know of coarse! That’s why we hit the kompang hard and loud, for hours. It used to be like this in small villages, but it should be the same right now, even Singapore became one of the modernist cities around the globe.”

Hazre, funder of kompang hut, had this simple passion and has made it into reality. Now they don’t just play kompang, they organize workshops, performances and talks to keep this proud tradition alive.

Kompang is now one of the most commonly used instruments in Malay communities. Usually, the group lines up behind the bride and plays kompang as they walk into the wedding hall. They have different tones and notes, never mix up with each other, seems faster they play happier they are. Hazre even said, “We (Singaporean Malay) go for the aggressive style.”

I still remember when we asked Hazre, what would you like to wear? “ummm.. we probably will go for the retro look, back in the 60’s.” I asked him, where would you like to be filmed? “Trust me, park is the best choice when you have flight to catch in 4 hours.” After the edge of the crater, deep in the mangroves, indigenous rainforests and remote beaches, “park” was an unique experience with a taste of Singaporean’s humour. 

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