Ado Kaliting Pacidal

Pangcah/Amis People

Fata'an, Hualien Taiwan

"o pidoedo ako to takaraw no lotok a pakeling, o pingdo ako to sufal a mahaleng.”

"Our songs are a reflection of our enviroment. Our songs are strong like the mountains which surround our village; Our songs are humble in respect of the land which feeds us."

- Ado Kaliting Pacidal

Ado’ is a singer-songwriter, actor, TV host and activist known for her successful album 'Sun and Moon' and the lead character in the award wining Taiwanese film 'Panay'.

Her elders gave her the name Ado’, which echoes the saying from the myths of the Pangcah (Amis) people that “we sing to make the gods happy”. Concerned about the fast fading Pangcah culture, she infuses her song writing with storytelling and traditional chants. She is also the producer of the Taiwan indigenous TV and several independent projects.

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Back in Sep' 2017 in Fata'an...

You might think Taiwan is a typical crowded Asian island full of skyscrapers and freeways. Yes, but only part correct. If you cross the central mountain range, actually just a two to three hour train ride, you arrive in another Taiwan the east coast, with only two roads, one in the green rice valley and the other along the Pacific ocean coastline. various indigenous communities are scattered around here, with their own languages, customs, food and music. At times you feel like you’ve suddenly arrived on a Pacific island, but what you don’t know is that 5,000 years ago, these people invented the ocean going outrigger canoe, and over the following 3,000 to 4,000 years, sailed to islands throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans.

We were invited by Ado to attend the annual Ilisin (harvest festival) of her community. It was an awe inspiring event to see over hundreds of Indigenous Taiwanese from the Pangcah people chanting in unison. A powerful and affirming celebration of an ancient and contemporary culture.

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